Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Vote for Cllr George Fairhurst is a vote for solutions

Obviously people in whatever Wards will all know about when that Cllr has a big issue or campaign. For example in Standish Ashfield and the houses are just two. However being a Cllr is not always about the big issues but the little ones that the majority won't know about.

Take an issue where residents on Preston Rd were informed by the council that they were having double yellow lines on the road. Because of the layout out the residents can park on the pavement because the path is so wide because it had grass verges some time ago that the council removed. However, under the law the double yellow lines go not only on the road but the path to the walls of the properties.

Residents where not happy that these double yellow lines were coming but the Council said because of the proximity to the schools parents where dropping and picking up their children and it was a hazard and a danger.

After going back and forth Cllr George Fairhurst and myself suggest a compromise that the Council install just a single yellow line and operate it in the school times. They agreed with this and then that allows when the residents to come home can park. It works and for all parties and it goes to show that a vote for Cllr George Fairhurst is a Vote for Solutions.  

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