Friday, 22 May 2015

Official Statement - Exclusive

Official Statement

I am making this official statement because it has been brought to my attention that there are a number of spoof Twitter Accounts set up trying to be me. I believe and suspect these have been done by my political opponents. Whilst some spoof twitter accounts can be funny and harmless - the vile, evil and defamatory ones are on these spook Twitter Accounts are not. 

These account details are now in the hands of the Police, who are now investigating these vile and criminal statements about myself and and also the matter is in the hands of my solicitors. 

Whilst I have my suspicion on who are behind these accounts it is right and proper that the police are allowed to investigated the matter independently. I have reported my suspicions to the Police and they will no doubt form part of their investigations.

For me I know that I can be challenging to political opponents but I have never made it personal nor have I stooped lower than the gutter, like the people behind the accounts. I have complete faith, at the moment, in the Police finding these people through the various methods and they are taking this very seriously indeed and are liaising with Twitter to confirm the people behind the accounts.

My one and only official Twitter Account is @CllrGWFairhurst .

I would like to thank the kind support that people have said when they have contacted me and these are nice to know that the vast majority of people in Standish are decent people and that it is only a small number of political opponents that are vile and evil and pedal this kind of material around. They will be stopped! 


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