Friday, 8 May 2015

Shevington Parish Council

Here are the results for the Shevington Parish Council Elections

North Ward

Angie Bland - Shevington Independents - 733 - Elected
Ken Shaw - Shevington Independents - 680 - Elected
Ira Whiteley -                                         947 - Elected
Joe Whitter - Shevington Independents - 516

South Ward

John Ball -                                                      611 - Elected
Roy Bridge - Shevington Independents -       510
Joe Calderbank - Shevington Independents - 651 - Elected
Carole Miles -                                               - 713 Elected

West Ward

Debbie Fairhurst - Shevington Independents - 488
Gareth Fairhurst - Shevington Independents - 417
Jean Fletcher - Shevington Independents      - 803 Elected
Chris Horridge -                                             -899 Elected
Greg McClusky -                                           - 558
Bill McKnight -                                             - 877 Elected

With these results we now have increased our number of Cllrs to 4 but we failed to get the 5th and crucial Cllr.


  1. Just a pity you could not get the other but no doubt they will be ruffled now, and at least with 4 voices this may stop them shouting them down as has happened In the past, it needs to be sorted especially as it seems the Clerk runs the Parish council not the actual elected councilliors, maybe now she will adhear to the job that she gets paid for and not a bad salary at that I don't think a lot of people realise how much she is actually paid from the money that they pay to the council ??.

    Let's hope that with the 4 elected puts a stop to the clerk running it so that people get a rightful say and be listened to rather than things getting passed on the quiet.

  2. How can the border of Shevington Parish be changed so that it doesn'the include Shevington Moor?

  3. It would need a community review and the residents can collect a petition for that and then hand it into Wigan Council.


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