Monday, 25 May 2015

Update on the Trolls, stalkers and harassment

Some may have seen the statement that I made on here over the weekend about the trolls that have been trying to make my life hell. Whilst a distraction, I am not going to bow down to bullies or internet trolls. If a resident had come to me and asked for help I would give them advice. I have followed my own advice.

Firstly, the police were informed and the collecting of evidence started. Little did the evil parasites know that everything was being recorded from that point on. Secondly, I got the lawyers in and yes I am sure the Trolls will giggle that they have cost me money but this money will be well spent and if recoverable, then i will go for a court order later, but that is not important - certainly at this stage.

Today the local paper ran the story and my solicitors communicated with them on Friday on the matter and things were agreed and we said we would watch. The paper did what they said would do and keep people away from being directed to these evil cesspools. However, a national media outlet ran the story on their website and we had to make contact with them and point out we would be taking legal action. Within minutes they agreed to make immediate amendments to the story and they have now done so. Legal recovery will now being discussed. They also have asked for a story from my side and to carry an article on this.

One of the things I am keen to expose is these trolls ID. One thing Stalkers, Trolls and people that carry out harassment do not like is being named and shamed. One of the trolls and person carrying out this vile treatment of being a stalker has now identified themselves and said she is a stalker of mine. This evidence has now in with the other large number of evidence that we have and will be passed to the Police at our agreed meeting to move the this criminal investigation further.

One of the other trolls I have ID on twitter and he finds it upsetting that I have ID and put his name out there. What do I say to someone like this - tough. Your neighbours and others now know what you do behind your closed door, hiding away. Smile when you set out side people will know you for what you are. Actions have consequences and if you make your bed - lie in it!

I make no apology of moving on this in the way I have - hard and fast. My solicitor has communicated with Twitter now on Friday and this week there will further communications between them for the civil side of the matter.

Also, and this is important, the Trolls have now realised their actions have been illegal and have tried to back track. One of the fake accounts has now been removed and the other renamed, trying to defuse their actions. To little - too late. We were watching and recording everything,as I have said, hence why I have not been on social media much and not responding as I normally would have.

I wish I can say more but I agree with my Counsel on what bits I have to leave out on this message for Legal reasons but I feel that people are now getting worried of arrest, and so they should be. As a Local Cllr I will not stand for this kind of behaviour and jail is too good for these people.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone that has rung, spoken with me in the street and emailed me with their kind words of support, I do appreciate them. Whilst being a hard hitting Elected member no one should be subjected to this evil treatment, and why? Because we won!

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