Sunday, 13 September 2015

Apart from houses what are people complaining about in Standish??????

In the last few years Standish has been under attack from developers fighting to get their greedy mits on our green open spaces. Both this Labour Council have allowed over 1000 in Standish and then the Tory's planning inspector has allowed nearly 500 more. But at the same time of these attacks Standish, along with other areas have been under attack from something else. This was WEEDS!!!!!!

The amount of people that come to us for help in this area and ask if we can get things sorted and the weeds busted? As well as Standish other areas like Shevington, Orrell and other areas have been under attack too.

Wigan Council no doubt blame the Government cuts because of this. Yes the Government has made cuts and whether they are right or not is not important too much at this time because Council's up and down the land have to make decisions on they finances and how to control this. Whilst the Wigan Council has made front line cuts. For me when you see the programme, "Dont't Blame the Council" you can see how much they waste. They try and run this company which is quite evident a cash sucker. I say a cash sucker because the Council is losing money over fist and should stop this nonsense immediately. One thing that really gets up my nose with this Council is their attitude. They say their moto is believe in this Council. I think it is quite easy to say that Wigan Council's moto is - it's easy wasting other peoples money.

Areas, like Standish are being let go by the Council by not addressing simple issues like this. We are writing to the Council and asking them to step up to the plate. People in Standish pay the highest amount of Council Tax and should have the services they are pay for. Now the Council will say, no doubt, that people of Standish will have to do the clean up themselves. The Council say this is another hair brain scheme that this Council waste money on. How much of these PR spins will Wigan Council continue and waste money when that money could be better spent on front line services?

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