Thursday, 10 September 2015

Labour and Tory's vote against looking for the best option for by-pass

At last nights Full Council of Wigan Council, Cllr GA Fairhurst had a motion to look at trying to find the best option of the by pass for #Standish. This simple worded motion should have been the easiest thing to vote through.

I didn't think it was too controversial and would go through. However, Labour were simple in the opposition because my dad had this pledge in his election leaflet they deemed it political and therefore couldn't vote it through.

A number of things with that. Yes, my dad had this pledge in his election leaflet, secondly he won the election, in part to that pledge as people want it. He won his election in the hardest of circumstances when a General Election - when local independent Cllrs up and down the Country lose their seats because the General election is held on the same day.

So if a person stands for an election, says something that they will fight for, then wins - surely it would be right and appropriate for the Council to respect the wishes of the voters and have a look at the feasibility and options available. By voting against the motion for the reason that they give demonstrates the lack of respect that they have for the electorate. Disgraceful!

Labour pushed through an amendment that only the highways agency would look at. This is the new junction of the M6, however that narrows the remit and the idea of the orginal motion by Cllr George fairhurst is there to look at ALL options. But by the Council pushing their amnedment through they can say it is not use that said no to a By-Pass, it's the highways agency. They are just trying to push away their responsibility and try and blame someone else when they say no to the one option.  

What is equally shocking is, is the Conservative's also voted against trying to find the best option for Standish and Wigan in this matter.

Finally, the Labour leader failed to say that all the £25m plus, that will come in from all these houses, will stay in Standish. They are sticking to just the 106 monies, which is just one pot of the money of £5m, will stay in Standish. So where is the other £20m + going?

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