Thursday, 3 September 2015

Inspector thanks Gareth Fairhurst for his conduct

If you listen to Wigan Council I'm this bad lad. they are constantly saying in their kangaroo court called the Standards Committee that I have no respect, nor how to handle myself. I have always said that this is rubbish and the Council and Labour just hate being challenged.

In the Save Ashfield Public Inquiry that concluded this week the Inspector thank both myself and the Council's barrister for our submission but went further and commented on how I have conducted myself and my conduct. Have a look at the video clip and see for yourself what an independent person says.

For me I would like to thank the Inspector for his time in hearing the inquiry. I would also like to thank him for saying that a Public Inquiry was needed and also his comments about how he has thought this was useful. The council had previously said it was a waste of money and needless. Shame on them and they should apologise to the independent Inspector for their comments.

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