Saturday, 5 September 2015

Will Immigrants issue lead us back to War?

The question is whether the immigrant issue will lead us back to War?

It is a question that may be on our leaders mind now. Normally military are normally used to save lives and national security. On the basis that are way of life is being threatened by the huge influx of immigrants into Europe the issue has to be to resolve the matter - ISIL has to go. That way it will help stabilise the situation in Syria and Iraq.

Yes, military action will have a cost but so is keeping fighting the immigrants that are wanting to get into the Country, then there is a cost once they get in. So no doubt the two costs will have to be compared.

Simply allowing the Middle East to be destabilised by ISIL cannot be allowed to continued and if military action is not taken then what is the answer? The answer is there is not much more left.

If military action is taken then when would this be taken? Time will tell.

Obviously going to War would be contentious with the fact that us going to War in the first place quite possibly helped us get in this mess in the first place. Getting rid of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi the way we did was probably a mistake. Although undoubtedly they were bad dictators. It was not that long ago that Bashar al-Assad, Syria's President, was considered to be a liability and had to go. Now the west has backed off. Probably because he is the best of the two options.

What ever the answer I think we have to think that war of some kind will break out again.    

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