Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Line blocked off

A resident contacted me earlier today with concerns over the line. This is the track from the Britannia through to Standish, passed Standish High. The resident was concerned that it had been blocked off  by workmen. when they asked who had given them permission to block it off the workmen said the Council.

The concerned resident is right in what they say when they say that this area is used by lots of people, including children walking to school.

If you enter the land from the hotel side you can see from the picture that the diggers are moving in. After a little further down you can see that the vehicle and trailer is completely blocking the line. With the state already, a bit of rain and it will soon be a quagmire. This land is in the ownership of the Council and both myself and Cllr George Fairhurst have now completed a site visit and raising this with the Council as we have concerns that people are being blocked off. Obviously this work is for the link road, O sorry the council doesn't like that phrase, estate road. This road will go from opposite the Charnley through to Pepper Lane. Another rat run!

Residents can rest assured that we are working to get this path unblocked and not let the path get into such a state that people can't use it.

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