Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Month that was........Sept '15

Normally the blog series is, "The Week that was...." However, this month has been such a busy and hectic month it is untrue and I have not had time to get on here and write a blog post. With that in mind and now I am thinking of a blog post I suddenly realise it is not the Week that was but probably the Month that was, is more fitting.


The Month obviously started with the Ashfield Village Green Public Inquiry. If you want to know more on that have a look here. With regards that matter the inspector reported to us that he was hoping to get his recommendation on whether Ashfield should become a Village Green or not by the end of the month. If he is able to do this then we do not have long to wait to hear. This is such an important issue for Standish.

Council Meetings

We have had the Full Council and at this month's meeting Cllr George Fairhurst put forward a motion for the Council to look at ALL options that are available to them for a by-pass. Both the Labour and the Tories voted against this but Labour put forward an amendment to just look at a new junction on the M6 as it goes over Springs Rd. This decision would be up to the Highways Agency. So if they say no then the Council can say well we looked tried but it's them that said no. This is typical that this Council try and blame anyone but themselves.

Clean Up.

Sept also saw the beat it team in Standish. This is a team that do general tidy up. We, Ward Cllrs, gave them a list of areas to do. Some seem to have been done and some not. But they were only in the area for a week. However, for me the frustrating thing is that areas are left to get in such a state and then it takes a lot to get them back. Wigan Council and the Labour Candidate want to introduce the deal in Standish. This is where they ask residents to do their work for them for free. My issue is why should we pay the high Council Tax that we do and then the Council fail to do what they should do and then ask residents to do the work for free? Labour and the Council blame the cuts imposed on them from Central Government but yet spend millions on stupid PR exercises and just short of a Million quid to an employee for them to leave the Council and not speak on the matter. Some may call this hush money! The Council say this figure is incorrect but fail to tell me the figure. Wonder why that is? Because it is right or it is higher?

More to do.

Even though we are going through a hard time with a personal issue there is lots going on and I will write about these in the coming days. For those that have contacted us and passed on your kind comments - thank you.

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