Sunday, 27 September 2015

Not enough school buses to College...

I have had a couple of parents contact me recently over the issue of not enough school bus places for students that attend Winstaney College.

Students are being left behind at the college and either have to get parents to leave home or work and collect them or they have to get a bus into Wigan and then one out of Wigan back to Standish. One concern that parents have raised, as well as the obvious, is the issue that this issue was not advertised by the college prior to the students joining the college. Had they had then they may have gone to another college.
Yellow school bus

The College inform parents to inform their MP, who as far as I know done nothing or very little. They have now contacted myself. I have written to the college to get the full picture and what they say. I know that they blame Transport for Greater Manchester as it is them that prove the buses.

I will be contacting them as well as the Council to find out what we are going to do about this as leaving students, especially when dark and cold nights are coming, is not acceptable for me.

I will report back once I know more but residents, parents and students can rest assured that we will be doing all we can to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

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