Sunday, 31 January 2016

Labour Lies or Deception? Or both?

So if you live in Standish you will probably have had a Labour propaganda leaflet. The Question there is so much wrong with it, it is untrue. You would have thought that Labour would try and get people to vote for them in May by trying to say what a great job they do. But as they don't do a good job and they know it, we know it and more worrying for them is they know that the people know it too. So what's the strategy to try and get round this? Keep up the "Don't Blame the Council." Labour are always blaming someone else and it is never their fault, they say.

So here is one of the things wrong with their leaflet. Below is a bar chart and words on the leaflet.

So if you read their blurb Labour says that only their candidate and Labour can beat the Tories. Not being too rude but how think are labour? If you look at their chart, yes their chart it is clear that the Standish Independents beat the Tories, so demonstrating that Labour statement is false. But also the Standish Independents.

Then in the same chart they have me coming in 4th place behind the Standish Independents, Tories and Labour. But as we all know I am a Standish Independent Cllr and we won. But below is Wigan Council Election page for the result is below. As you can see I am not even on the ballot paper. So what on earth are Labour harping on about that their local candidate beat me. I wasn't even standing in the Local Elections.

 So this Labour leaflet is it just lies or are they trying to deceive you? Or more probable both! Either way Standish Residents see Labour for what they are - DESPERATE!!!!

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