Saturday, 9 January 2016

We say welcome to the Orrell Independents

So many know me for being the Cllr for Standish and my blog posts. Given that Orrell Labour Party has chosen a former Cllr who had to quit as she was living in Ireland for 6 Months when she was a Cllr and she did not do anything, include attend any meetings. What she did do though was to take her Cllrs Allowance which is the region of £6k. People in her ward were outrage that she mad moved out of the Country never mind out of Wigan but still carried on taking her salary.

It was myself that caught her out and made her resign. Now she is married and has taken a new surname she is hoping, along with Labour, that no one notices. So when I disclosed this then people in Orrell contacted me and now they have done a leaflet in the Ward and here is their new blog.

Good luck to them and if you live in Orrell why not get involved in getting rid of the corruption.

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