Thursday, 28 January 2016

Residents lambast Wigan Council at their meeting

So Wigan Council held their, "THE DEAL" meeting in Standish tonight. This was where they would be rolling out the idea of how they will ask volunteers to do jobs that they would do normally for free, but still collect higher Council Tax.

So the idea was that it was a 90 min Question and Answers by the Labour Leader and Chief Executive and they would be asked questions by the residents of Standish and they would answer them.

So first thing first, the first hour, aprox, the residents were just talked at. Then the Q&A session started and it was only about 30 mins. In this section it was clear from residents that they were not having any of the baloney from the Council. Why do I say this? Residents repeatedly asked - will you just answer the question that we have asked? Then when the Council tried their prepared spin (answers) that were not relevant to the question residents had asked - so they said we don't believe you. What do you do for your money? was another question. Then after some time the residents just shouted we don't believe you - it is all a PR stunt this! So it is clear that residents were not buying into the spin the Council were saying. Another great comment from a lady was the Council is taking away the natural beauty of Standish. I guess if the Labour lot want to try and even be considered for voting for them in May they will have to try and convince people that it is the Tory's fault.

The Labour leader tried to blame the Tory Government for all the houses coming to Standish, which in part is true, but then said the reality is the more houses we get in Standish the more Council Tax we collect as a Council. So there we have it - the truth from the horses mouth!

I have always said the Council were collecting £25m+ from all these houses, and that is growing, but the Council have tried to deny this in the past but tonight confirmed they will only be keeping £5m in Standish. So when I have said for years on this blog and leaflets that we are being ripped off because there is more money than the £5m.

The the final insult was when they asked for people to volunteer to wear a high visibility jacket and hold a speed camera and catch people speeding and then report those to the council. Will residents want to do this? Why do we pay our taxes? The Council want us to do all their jobs and the police;s job and still pay for it - crazy!

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