Monday, 18 January 2016

The week that ended......17 Jan '16

What a week. Two massive legends passed away. First we had David Bowie and with Lazarus coming out just a few days before that was very spooky. If you haven't seen that video or heard the song here it is. Remember this came out just a few days before he passed away. It's like he knew. He was one of the biggest music stars. I loved the fact he flew into London in 2014 with his family and did the sights with no one recognising him.

Then later in the week we had Alan Rickman. I know that many people will know him for the harry potter films but he stared in so many it is hard to choose. I have read that his performance in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was so good that they cut some of Kevin Costner's scenes.

So in the week we had the Full Council meeting and after I informed people about the wasting of tax payers millions Labour's Leader Cllr peter smith best response was I will sue you. Really? Now for all his faults he has been the leader of Wigan Council since 1992 and therefore he has seen a few heated debates and normally he can come back pretty quick and quite good. This response demonstrates one or two things. He is now past it as the leader of the council, a few Labour Cllrs agree with me on this too - privately of course.

Now the issue that I talked about was so topically the response was this one here. This is where I have shown Labour up for giving millions away for nothing. the article I wrote originally says £8m - I got it wrong as I was not allowed in the debate. The real figure was £10m. The old saying it is easy spending others money is so true in Wigan.

Wigan Central got voted best pub of the year, so well done to Patsy and her team. Good on yer.

In Appley Bridge rumours are a foot that the planning application for the burning plastic plant has been withdrawn. Great news but as one resident said they may well come back with an amendment plan. very true.

The snow arrived at the end of the week and many people built snowmen and had snow ball fights no doubt. Maybe it was the cold that got to the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn head. Seriously is this guy for real. It is Labour's policy to keep fossil fuel in the ground. Great green policy there. But then it is also Labour's policy to open the pits again. So once they do that but are keeping the coal in the ground what will the pit workers actually be doing? Then came the idea of he will keep Trident subs. Again a great defence policy - only thing is he doesn't want them to carry warheads. This guy can't be all there with these policies surely?

I have read that Which? has revealed that many of the big 6 energy companies are letting people down with their customer services as well as may be not being the best for price. With the cold weather now here it is a good time to check if you can get a cheaper deal. Use a site like . This site compares all the different tariffs and suppliers. Some of the comparison sites only show the company that you can switch too. My Bill Expert doesn't do this but even shows the ones you have to go direct with. Great ethical policy.

OK enjoy the snow and if you need us you know where we are.

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