Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Labour Party imploding after reshuffle

So after Jeremy Corbyn's first re-shuffle it is clear that what people thought of his leadership and that is Labour will implode.

His first reshuffle must have been the longest one in British political history as it was something like 36 hours to complete. News is creeping out that this was because Jeremy Corbyn was brow beating people into doing what he wanted them to do. Now it is quite reasonable for some people to say this and it is certainly an argument for someone that says that they want one party and one voice etc slogan.

However, there are a couple of things why that can't be said at this time. First of all Jeremy Corbyn said he was starting a new age of politics where people can have a different opinion and that is how things are achieved. Getting people different views, debating and then getting the best answer. This is something that I would say yes that argument is a good one but you can't then turn to your team and say I know what I said to the public but you have to agree with me.or else. That is some one that is two faced.

Also when Jeremy was a back-bencher he quite often defied the Labour Party Whip and voted against Labour and Tony Blair. Whilst I can see why someone would vote against Tony Blair you can't be a rebel and then try to block rebels out when he was one and also he said he wanted this kind of things whereby people have differing opinions.

Since the sacking and reshuffle  of shadow cabinet ministers there have already been 3 shodow ministers resigning their positions within the shadow cabinet. It is clear that the start of the imploding of Labour has started. The next question will be how long will this complete implode last?

I would say it could be all over for him by the middle of May. After the May's local election if Labour fail to get local Cllrs elected. I would believe that the wolfs will turn and they will be out for blood, and that is Jeremy Corbyn's.

Whilst this is the National Party issue for Labour it is interesting that local Labour voters have said that they don't like Jeremy and have said that as Labour traditional voters they can't vote for the Tories and they want to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn they are thankful that there is myself standing as a local independent.

Time will tell how Labour does in the Local Elections across the country in May but I guess it will be the start of the end.

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