Sunday, 10 January 2016

The week that ended....10 Jan '16

Everyone is now back in the swing and business as usual. So here we have the blog post series of the week that ended....

So first of the bat is the closing date for the Rectory Lane planning application which has gone in, Here is the story. Should anyone who has not sent their objection in please let me know and pass them to me ASAP.

Wigan Hospital told people to stay away, unless it was an emergency. That should always be the case with Hospitals and whilst on one hand it gets me that the hospitals have to say that but when I have had the unfortunate need to be in there myself it gets to me where people have gone and A&E is  not the place for them. I think I have wrote about the time I was in and a drunk just wanted a bed to sleep on. When they tried to discharge him he said if I choke on my own vomit and die my family will sue. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

We then had a media circus because a cricketer asked a reporter out live on air and then there was this big Media story. For me had she just said no I am out of your league or you have no chance concentrate on cricket then the humiliation of being knocked back live on air would have put him in check.

The funniest thing and line was said on TV this week. This was on Come Dine with me. There was a seriously competitive guy on there and then he lost. He then said to the Winner - his biggest rival - you have all the grace of a dump truck reversing - with no tyres on! So funny what does that even mean? I was asked to appear on the show in 2013 and maybe next time I should go on and say they have the grace of a dump truck going forward with tyres on :-). Seriously for those that saw it was laughing I bet. Here is clip if you missed it.

National politics back we had Labour's re-shuffle. It must be the longest in history taking 36 hours to do. Hours after it was finally announced then 3 of the ministers quit. Labour really are imploding.

Local Politics and Labour are wanting to change the rules -AGAIN - to suit them. They really do have North Korea Kim Jong-un as their mentor.

Surgery was a busy one for us with a number of residents wanting help with flooding issues and the immigrants at the Britannia are also a concern again for residents. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny but a couple rang the Council on Boxing day concerned that their bungalow would flood. So they rang the Council for help and advise. Wigan Council's response was fill a couple of pillow cases with soil and put them at your back door. Really is this the best we can do?

With regards the immigrants the about of people are sick of reading that they only get £5 per week but yet all have mobile phones and designer gear on. Also it has become clear that they are going into gardens on Almond Brook Rd and taking selfies of them in a nice garden and they must be then emailing them back home saying look what you are missing.

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