Sunday, 12 May 2013

Big Well Done to Latics

Yesterday was such a magical day for so many, including no doubt the Chairman Dave Whelan. No doubt with his FA cup history it truly was finishing the unfinished business. My Grandad, who sadly is no longer with us, was a massive fan and he always said that just one day Wigan could win the cup. He believed in Wigan years before so many. I saw on the TV recordings today that when Dave Whelan took over the club he said, "10 years and I want Wigan in the premiership." He too believed and has backed Wigan all this time.

So many around the world didn't believe that Wigan could do it, but they did believe and came out straight away and played their hearts out. All ninety minutes Wigan where the better team. The whole town was behind them and the message "believe" was the right word for it.

I travelled down there in the car with my eldest Son, who just loved it. At the end he just didn't want to leave the Stadium because he kept saying it was history, and he was so right. The town will not forget this performance and result.

After seeing the semi final with fans in the Millwall end fighting it was testament that in our section, for some reason, where City fans. They sat there and shouted their team on and never got upset with Wigan fans showing their excitement and at the end shaking hands with us and saying well done. Also on the way home at the motorway services we where out numbered by city fans by about 10 to 1 and loads of them shook our hands and said we where the best team on the day and we deserved it. My son was amazed by the generosity and kind words. Thank you to those fans you did not only do your club proud, you did football proud!

OK, after that performance we need it to more times and also after that performance so many thousands of people believe that we can do it.

Well done Wigan.

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