Sunday, 19 May 2013

Estate Agents blight road sides.

It is common place when putting your house on the market to sell to have an estate board outside your house.

It is great marketing if you are an estate agent to have your boards all over the place free advertising and it shows that others have confidence in you. However estate agents are trying to market themselves more and more and now their signs are popping up next to roads streets away from the actual house which are for sale. I have residents complain to me about this and I agree that it is a menace.

Here are a few shots of the mess these and other signs have.

I have contacted the Council before and they promised they would remove them but it is clear that they have neither removed them but also the number of signs are growing. I will be contacting the Council and asking this to be put as urgent as this menace must be stopped. The strange thing is the Council could fine these people and make some money. With money being tight you think that they would jump at this.

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