Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tory MP says houses are better than fields.

I can't believe that any MP can come out with a statement saying that houses are better than  fields. Tory MP Nick Boles says that houses bring more pleasure than fields and that is why he will push forward for more houses.

Also he says that communities that are not willing to cooperate will lose amenities, like hospitals. Now the Tory's are bullying people to have houses built on their green fields.

Although he was talking about a national picture rather than a specific site, I am outraged that when we look at Standish he would argue that if we don't have houses we could lose amenities.

Over the last 2 decades Standish has had it's fair share of development because of the high prices for the developers and then the high council tax for the local council - Wigan.

If developments are needed then the first sites that should go are the ugly derelict brown fields sites, like abandoned buildings and factories. Only after all those sites have been built on should open green field sites be considered. This Government needs to get a grip on local communities and get their head out of the Westminster Bubble.

I will be writing to him with my thoughts and an invitation to Standish.

Next week will see me delivering a petition to Downing Street against Standish losing their open green fields.

The article in the Daily Mail is here.


  1. im fuming...i have some beautiful pics of Millie, Jess our dog and i walking over the fields of Standish recently if you want them for evidence.
    Hes talking out of his arse..the arse!! lol

  2. when these torys leave parliament for there village retreats lets hope the developers have built on there greenbelt too .we have nothing to loose in Standish apart from nailbars and takeaways .


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