Thursday, 23 May 2013

Labour show their ignorance to disability!

It is a great shame that Labour have yet again shown their ignorance to the disability, Dyslexia.

It is well known that Hindley Independent Cllr Bob Brierley has dyslexia. But after a bit of a heated debate yesterday in the Town Hall's Council Chamber, Labour Cllr Jim Talbot wrote to Bob Brierley after the meeting about one of his letters he has sent, saying who wrote this for you as it wasn't you as there are no spelling mistakes in it.

I think this is an absolute disgrace that yet again a Labour Politician has shown their ignorance and disrespect for this disability, first time was ex Labour MP Neil Turner who wrote back to a constituent with corrections on a letter sent to him. Here is a report on this.

Many people do not fully understand what Dyslexia is and all the different things that come with it. Most people think it is you can't read or write.

I have written a letter of complaint to the Labour Cllr in support of Hindley Independent Cllr Brierley and saying that he should apologise to him for this outburst. Maybe a course on learning what this disability is too might help.

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