Saturday, 18 May 2013

Council should have a plan for bring employment into the area.

It has always been a great mystery why the Council has the strategy that people should live in Wigan but then travel to other areas for employment. Yes, cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Preston will have people working in there that lives elsewhere like Wigan, but you have areas like Warrington who have employment hubs in their areas too. I won't think for one moment that the people that live in Warrington all work there but there is more opportunities for people to work in one of the local cities or in their local area.

If Wigan developed a strategy of bringing in new business's into Wigan that will create more employment opportunities for the local residents.  If more people had a great opportunity that would mean that on the law of probability more would be in work. That then helps people to buy houses, and supports local business's too.

On this last matter it is clear that Wigan Town Centre is a disgrace with all the empty shops and buggers on the street. The area is going to the dogs, so to speak. Many residents have commented how they go elsewhere to shop now as they do not like how the Town Centre is going.

The Council needs to address this area too but if more people in Wigan had employment then they could help keep open the local shops and also bring new business's into the area.

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