Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Domino Pizza shop in Standish - problems

The new Domino Pizza shop has now opened a few days ago. When the application went in I complained about the traffic issues. I was told by the Council highways dept, I didn't know what I was talking about and what I said would happen wouldn't happen.

Well no one likes to brag but unfortunately I was right but the degree I was right was wrong as the problem is worse than what even what I said.

As you can see it is an absolute mess. The red car is not only blocking the pavement but on the road and a keep clear sign. Any people walking down the path will have to go into the road to walk past.
Also the car nearest to the Black Bull would have to reverse over the Zebra Crossing to get back on the road. This is dangerous to people on the zebra crossing.
I am now calling for the Council to erect barriers near the Zebra crossing to stop cars parking in front of the shop and look at the parking on the path.
On top of this the other takeaway shop on the same site has not opened yet, meaning that when it does the situation will get worse. This is a real dangerous spot now and I want the Council to act ASAP to stop anyone being knocked down or other accident.

More pictures below. As you can see a different day but same problems.


  1. Why on earth did the Council not see this being a problem when it was put in as a planning application?


  2. will only get worse with another 1000 + houses ,the popularity of this particular pizza shop has people travelling from coppull aspull shevington and many other areas,we have already had the luxury of empty dominos pizza box in front garden


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