Sunday, 5 May 2013

The week ending...........5 May 2013

The week began with a meeting on Monday night at the Methodist Church on the Save Standish consultation and the next steps. The meeting was well attended and some interesting views where shared by those that attended.

On Tuesday I had a walk around the village and some areas that some residents had concerns with in terms of litter and dog fouling. I quite agree. I have now contacted the Council and they are looking to resolve this but I suspect that I might be organising a litter pick on the Line, if anyone is interesting in joining me. I will get all the equipment, bags, gloves and litter pickers, from the Council. Keep watching for more on this or just email me if you want to get involved. I did do a post on the matter this week too, with some pictures. Here is one of those pictures.

Litter on the line behind the Large Coop Store
Thursday the Government planning inspector opened up the new consultation for the proposed new houses for Standish. So get writing all your objections in and before the 14th June.
The rest of the week I dealt with some residents concern over issues from allotments to smaller planning applications. On the allotments the Council say they don't want any more houses in Standish but yet they are looking to sell some land to a developer for building houses. I think the Council need to get their message consistent. The residents want to lease the land of the Council for allotments, which I fully support for so many reasons.

The long line of protesters on the demo march, young and old coming together for the village

Yesterday, was the demonstration march from the former golf course to near St. Maries church. It was a nice day for a walk and the event was well attended. A big thank you once again for all those that turned out and there where some great banners too. At the event we released our official poster that people can download off the website. If you have any problems just email me and I can send you the poster for you to print off and display in your house window. Let's see if we can get hundreds of these out there. Here is the poster too.
New Save Standish Poster

Using the internet is a tool that I like to use to try and communicate with residents and I have just read a great book about online content called, "The New Rules for Marketing and PR". The author is David Meerman Scott. If you are in business and looking to use the internet I would fully recommend reading this book. I was so impressed by it I emailed the Author with some kind words. The result of that was we had some email pinging back and forth and he did a piece on me on his blog. He is a link to it Article of Gareth. Thank you to David for this and the kind words he gave back to me in his emails. Some interesting new techniques in the book that I will be using soon.

Today is a bit of down time and recharge the battery's.

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