Friday, 17 May 2013

Labour costing taxpayers thousands on their dirty tricks.

They always say that politics is a dirty game. In Wigan this is particularly when you strongly oppose Labour, like I do. However, the tax payers should not pick up the bill for these dirty tricks.

At the end of last year me as an individual post a clip of a video. It was to many a very funny clip. The topic however was immigration in the UK.  Two people complained to the Council, I believe a Labour Cllr and I know a Labour supporter. The Chief Executive who does not like me neither rang the Police to try and get them to investigate. They initially said they didn't want to as it was an internal matter and it seem there was nothing wrong. I was told that the Council asked them to go and get a second opinion because they thought the police was wrong. Given that it was the Chief Executive of the Council they did and sent it to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service). After some time they agreed with the police and said I had done nothing wrong or illegal.

After yet more time the internal Standards Committee has had to concede that I had done nothing wrong.

The thing that gets me is that all this fuss as cost the taxpayers over £10 000.AND WHY? Because Labour wanted to try and damage me politically. Yet they have failed again but cost tax payers thousands. This is a disgrace and the Chief Executive and the Labour complainants should foot the bill.

Here is a link to the local paper article on it.

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