Thursday, 20 February 2014

Candidates beware

After so many years in local government it shouldn't surprise me what this Labour controlled Council will do. I always thought that communism was a thing of the past, but it is alive and well in Wigan. I say this because last night I attended Councillor Services Committee.

One good thing was the fact that the Council are, so they say, looking at iPads for Cllrs. I know some may be jumping out of their seats as you read this but this is not about gadgets for Cllrs, but saving money and working smarter. It is reported that it costs over £1200 per Full Council meeting for the paper reports. Also currently Cllrs get a laptop any way. So I have been pushing for years that the Council to issue iPads. This is so we can go paperless and we can cut down on the paper. One Cllr said tonight that he has worked it out and it will take less than 8 months to recoup the outlay. I do agree we shouldn't give Cllrs laptop no more but iPads so that we can do business electronically. But do this in a phased way where some of the older Cllrs who not like the idea can still use paper and laptops and over time they be phased out.

So with the OK news now the O my word news. The Council are saying that new Cllrs will have to have training on social media before they can have an iPad or Laptop, if they are still in issue. What dictators they are! What people do with their own free time is up to them and no doubt it will be the Labour lot saying you can't call the Council - well tough. I actually think this is illegal, if the people of whichever ward elect a person then it is their right to be a Cllr and transact official business.

So the question is where in legislation does it say Councils have the power to shove their propaganda and communism retric?  


  1. Gareth, whilst I applaud the long term strategy of going paperless, and not just from a financially economical aspect but also an environmental perspective, continually remarking about iPads do nothing for the tax payers trust and confidence in how our money is allocated.

    If councillors are already issued with laptops, why is there an additional need for tablets or electronic devices? Laptops are a more than sufficient device to view documents and to be used as a tool in meetings, this also extends to conducting business electronically. I would ask the question, why, in 2014, are we still spending £1200 per meeting on paper, plus the additional cost to dispose of that paper?

    Like all business, investment in IT should be continual, however that should fit the needs of the business, not the desire for a brand. If tablets are the right tool for councillors and this is not about gadgets, but saving money and working smarter, other tablets are available for a fraction of the cost. IPad’s range from £739 - £399 per device, you can pick up a decent tablet for less than £150, helping to reduce the return on investment considerably quicker, and putting funds back in the community.

  2. What can you do on an ipad that you can't do on a laptop?
    How will having ipads reduce paper when having laptops has not?

    As for the social media training it's the responsible thing to do.
    If they gave you a laptop or ipad and you made a 'questionable' post or response, you (and your ilk), would be the first to say "it's because they gave no training how to use it, that's why it happened".

    How you can say they are being dictators is beyond me.
    "What people do with their own free time is up to them" is very true, what they do on council owned property is very, very different.

    It is quite clear to me you just want a free ipad to use for personal use.

  3. First point I get but you can more easily in meetings holding a tablet rather than a laptop.

    Second point doesn't make sense. If someone rejects something then you can use that as an excuse.

    I agree with what you do on Council equipment has to fit a policy like what you can and can't use it for.

    I have an iPad for my personal use and have for some time. Sp I guess that knocks this point out.

  4. You can more easily what in meetings?

    "Second point doesn't make sense. If someone rejects something then you can use that as an excuse."
    What are you talking about, reject what and use what as an excuse for what?

    So you agree Council owned and provided equipment should be used within Council guidlines but the Council shouldn't be able to train people on what those guidlines are?
    How strange.

    It seems such training would have come in handy for a Councilor from Tyldesley.


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