Sunday, 23 February 2014

Standish Housing Applications update

With my post on the 31 Jan '14 this was the housing application table. This had all the housing planning applications on it. It showed the applications numbers and other relevant information.

Below is an updated table. On all the green highlighted please write an objection letter into the Council. For who to write to and what you can object too see the blog post on the 1 Feb '14, (here is a link to that post).

Thanks for all the support.

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  1. Does Application A/14/78972 for 150 houses by Himor overlap land in the earlier Application A/13/78186 for 350 houses by Himor/Wainhomes? Does Application A/14/79018 for 100 houses by Wainhomes overlap land in the earlier application A/13/678828 for 425 houses again by Wainhomes? Is this normal practise?


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