Saturday, 1 February 2014

Objection Letters

The last post I posted was the list of all the housing developments that are in the pipeline with their all their relevant details, i.e status and application no's where applicable.

In this post I want to let you know what you can use in objection letters and also who and how to write your objection letters.

The first thing is that petitions only count as one objection, no matter how many signatures you have on the petition. It is also the same if someone writes one letters and then photocopies them and get different people to sign them.

The objections that do count are from individual people and not households, so if there is a husband and wife in the house then they should write individual letters rather than just one and signing them as Mr & Mrs X.

You can object to the houses on the reasons below:-
  • Lack of school places in our schools,
  • Lost of open spaces available
  • Reduction of health Services
  • Health issues like you are concern the high level of traffic omissions would be harmful to children's health, especially asthma suffers this would be applicable for the link road idea.
  • Unacceptable high density in the area
  • Noise levels - this would be applicable for the link road idea.
  • loss of trees
  • overbearing nature of proposal
  • loss of ecological habitats
  • design and appearance 
  • layout and density of buildings
  • access or highway safety
  • traffic generation
  • public visual amenity, but not loss of private individual's view
  • flood risk
What you can't object to are:
  • Loss of value to your house
  • You can't say I object because I can or because I don't want it.
  • loss of view
  • private covenants
  • the applicants personal conduct or history
  • the applicants motives
  • potential profit for the applicant
  • private right to light
  • private right of ways
  • disruption during construction
  • loss of trade
  • capacity of private drains

You can email your objections to

or write letters to

Wigan Council, Wigan Life Centre, The Wiend, Wigan, WN1 1NH

Please only object to the applications in green as these are the ones we can object too at the moment. Please keep checking back on this blog and I will update my blog when other applications go green so you can object to those when they come up. Why not follow me on Twitter ( or like my Facebook page ( . This way you will get alerted to when I change my blog.


  1. What is the actual reason for objecting? You give a list of theoretical possible objections, do any of these apply?

  2. The reason for the list is to help resident with what they can choose. It is up to them to decide which they feel are appropriate. I think that most if not all all possible reasons to object but people might think some are stronger than others.


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