Sunday, 9 February 2014

The week that ended.....9 Feb '14

This week has been a relative quite week. Beginning of the week though we met with Bloor Homes about their proposal and talked through it. First and foremost we had to agree that we do not want the houses in Standish nor the link road. I think they are open to not having a link road and just having the road into their site, but they claim that it is the Council proposal to have a link road. Also more worrying they seem to think that the site that we all know as the line can have more than 500 houses on it. The Council have said 500 and we will be pushing the Council to stick to their word.

A new group has been formed to object to the link road solely and we will be supporting this as we disagree with the link road and more importantly the houses, so the two campaigns go hand in hand.

Later in the week I had a briefing of the proposed budget that the Council are looking to set and there is the usual stuff that I strongly object to, like the Borough Life Magazine, which is no more than Labour's propaganda booklet and also it cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. I have asked for some information to look into to look at other areas where the Council can be more efficient.

Surgery was busy yesterday with a number of resident coming in and I will be helping them with their issues.

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