Thursday, 27 February 2014

The goings on at the Council

Being a Cllr you see lots going on behind the scene and if you read the Wigan Evening Post/ Observer you will know that there have been times when the Chief Executive has reported opposition Cllrs to the Police. I for one was reported to the police and the Chief Executive nor the Council informed me of this they informed the press. this demonstrates to me their motive. Political medal-ling. At the time I sent the case to a top law firm in Manchester to review. The conclusion was that I had a great case to sue because under the rules Council Officers could only report Cllrs to the police for crimes identified. I ask the Council what Crime I had committed. No answer! Then I asked the Police and they told me that they initially said  there was no case to answer and they didn't want to get involved but the Council insisted that they get  a second opinion so the Police said they would ask the CPS for their opinion if the Council didn't like the Police's opinion. The CPS came back and said no case and the Police should not get involved.

Then The Chief Executive reported Independent Hindley Cllr Bob Brierley for bullying. This time the Cllr went to the Police station voluntarily and answered questions. Now the Police have said they are not going any further with the issue and dropping the investigation. At the time the Council rushed out a press release trying to show the Cllr up. Now that the Cllr has no case to answer to he has a very good serious legal case against the Chief Executive and the Council for Libel.

Also the Council reported a Lib Dem Cllr, this was because he had rather stupidly doctored an email to show an officer showing political bias towards the ruling group. why he did it god only knows but although it was stupid it certainly was criminal. The Police arrested this Council and after investigation they have decided that there is no case to answer to and they have dropped the cases.

Here is the story about these two Councillors in the press.

The issue I have is how much time and money do the Chief Executive and the council want to waste. These three cases have cost just over £50,000, so I hear. if this is the case then it is a huge waste of tax payers money and action should be taken against those that waste this kind of taxpayers money.

Next there is a rare case that the Council have stopped a Labour's Cllr's money. this is due her losing 5 mobile phones and running up big phone bills by calling international numbers and taxi's. First of all I am disgusted, but not surprised, at this. Yes if she has done it it is wrong and she should pay the money back. But the other issue I have is why did the Council keep just giving her more phones when she lost them or got them stolen? Why are ALL Council phones not blocked from international calls? Why, when the first big bill came in did the Council not stop the account? These questions are simply restrictions that many companies put in place at the outset but it shows the lack of controls the Council has and questions must be asked about whether the right people are running the Council.

This story is here.

On all of these cases it is clear there is a witch hunt going on in the Council and in the past it used to be Labour that did this but why Council Officers are getting involved is beyond me.

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