Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fire Engines over 50% more time to get to Standish.

I have been looking into Fire Engine times to getting to Standish. This started last year when a man tragically lost his life in his home on Pepper Lane, Standish. A number of residents said that it took forever for the fire engines to get there. That story is here.

The average time for Greater Manchester Fire Service to get to an incident is on average 6 Mins however it takes nearly 10 mins on average to get to a home in Standish. That's over 50% extra in time. This will get worse when the congestion is worse because of the houses.

However even now and it comes to peak times it can take nearly 12 mins to get to Standish, as it did when that man was trapped on Pepper Lane and what is worse is the fact that on the 27th December 2013 there was only 1 fire engine to cover the whole of Wigan, which is worrying on a Friday night, especially the one after Christmas Day.

Greater Manchester Fire Service have said that I have been painted a wrong picture and they are keen to put this right, which I will contact them to discuss but the information in terms of times has come from their website. If anyone is interested in finding the average time for the Fire Service to get to their address click here, I found it interesting. Also on the link is a video where the Fire Service try and explain about the number of Fire Engines.

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