Sunday, 2 February 2014

The week that ended...2 Feb 2014

The week has been taken up with the housing developments again. There seems to be no let up from it.

Thursday saw the public meeting with a good turnout from residents. From the meeting people were getting confused with where housing applications where up to and even how many there are. So I have put a blog post showing all the applications and all their details including how many houses are in each. Here is the link to that post.

Also people asked what they can and cannot objection to. Also where do people send their objection to, either my email or letter. I have posted another blog about all of this here.

I have had a good result with a residents issue that they have been having for nearly four years and we have finally got the Council to find the problem and fix it. The residents are currently away but hopefully they will have some good news when they get back.

On a personal note many of you know about my illness and thank you for all the kind messages of support I have gotten this week.

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