Sunday, 23 February 2014

The week that ended......23 Feb '14

So another week has ended and time is flying by now. With only one more week to go before then end of Feb I can't believe how fast time is going. With my on going illness I have returned to work this week and just hope that this time I can stay on the mend and not slip back.

So I have again stepped up more time doing Cllrs work too. I went to the Cllr Services Committee this WEdnesday and there was some good stuff being mentioned there like the Council looking to replace the Cllrs laptops with Ipads. This will help cut down on paper as Cllrs can use the iPads to see docuemts. It cost about £1200/ £1300 per  Council Meeting so if we can cut that out we will recoup the outlay cost and make the Council meetings more efficient.

However the Council want to bring in rules that you have to do as THEY say on them otherwise you don't get the new equipment including phone. This is in relation to social media. Another words if you call the Council they wouldn't let you have them. Ridiculous! Democracy, Wigan Council don't know what it is.

Surgery was quiet this week, I guess people were either on half term hols or watching Wigan Rugby. However, I have delivered a few thousands leaflet over the week. This is our newsletter and I have spoken to many residents on issues which it was nice to catch up with people.

I am off to a resident meeting, which I attend each Sunday night in a minute and this is to discuss the link road that is being considered. Later tonight I will post an update on the planning applications as there are a couple more to let you know about. So either check back later or tomorrow. Thanks.

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