Friday, 18 July 2014

Belgium Trip

Last weeks' post on the week that was.. I mentioned that I was off to Belgium with students from Standish High. The trip was by the music students from the school. There were all different kinds of different groups/ students that went on the trip from the school orchestra, school choir through to the rock band.

All the students played extremely well. The students played a couple of concerts in Ostend and Ypres. All the the students took part in the concerts. The school Orchestra opened up the concerts and then soloist and other groups went and then the concerts were concluded by the rock band who had members from students from the last year of the school. Most of these are going on to do Music at A-Level at college and I wish them well.

I always knew that the students were good and well behaved students. However, I think when you take 41 children with ages ranging from ages 12 - 16 you expect one or two little hick-ups. The students behavior was exemplary. Local residents that watched the concerts commented on not only how good the music he students were but also well behaved, respectful and polite. I think this is testament to their parents, Standish High, the staff and most importantly to themselves.

This trip was the first trip by the music dept from the school and I know the music dept are planning a musical next year so hopefully you all will get chance to go and watch them.

From me I would like to thank the school for inviting me and the students for letting me go along and I know we all have some great memory's of the trip.


  1. My daughter took part in this trip, It is the first time she had travelled abroad without me but I had no concerns as the trip was well organised and she had a fantastic time.

  2. Glad she had a great time, I know that all the students got on and had a great time and played really well.


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