Friday, 25 July 2014

Update on housing

On a recent blog post someone left a suggestion and request on one of the comments. This was to update the table that I placed on the blog a few months ago with all the housing applications and where they were up to.  Here is the original story.

So I have just updated the table and here is the updated version with which housing applications have been passed, declined and pending.

As you can see there is only one more application pending. Also you can see that we have been able to get one application turned down, Golf Course phrase two, however the developer can still appeal that decision and if that happens we will let you know.

Also we have been able to get another application withdrawn. Probably on the grounds that it wasn't go to get through although sometimes withdrawn applications come back in so again we will be watching and will let you know if Wainhomes try it on again.


  1. Thanks for the update. Planning permission for 1218 already passed and a further 139 pending, total 1357.
    If you consider that the 100 withdrawn is a tactical retreat, and the declined 250 could be appealed the grand total is 1707.
    However, I believe that the Planning Committee can hold the line and any appeal SHOULD be rejected as in excess of the Core Strategy and not therefore necessary.
    If so 1218 should be the end of it, at least until the next Core Strategy window.
    What's the chances?

  2. Having now read the Planning Committee minutes on line I am pleased to see that the reason for rejection of a further 250 houses is that it exceeds the Core Strategy volumes. It also mentions that the number of houses required in Standish was effectively forced upon the council in order to get the Core Strategy approved at a national level.
    However, the council minutes state that they have approved only 1,042 houses in Standish, rather than the 1,218 count on this site. I'm betting that, given how statistics can be selectively used, both numbers are correct!


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