Sunday, 27 July 2014

The week that ended......27 July '14

What a busy week! The first week of some students summer holidays and some last week at school as some schools now break up at different times. But what a week to start the summer holidays off - what great weather.

As for the old politics this week that has been busy too. On Monday the "Get Fairhurst Committee" o sorry the Labour Quango Standards Committee met to have another go at me - bless - they just don't like being challenged and they have now to me overstep and misused their powers to an unbelievable level and their response if you don't like it take us to court, thinking that no one will so they get away. However, this time they may not be so lucky as i have now had enough of the illegal actions, in my opinion, so I have sent the file of to my legal team how are now looking at their actions and we will respond in the appropriate way. People on Twitter have said Labour simply doesn't like a) being beaten and b) challenged. How true those people are!

On Tuesday we had some success finally in the area of housing because Persimmon planning application for another 250 houses on the former golf course site has been turned down. Here is that story in full. Whilst it is good news that finally we have won the second one, the first being Wainhomes withdrawing another application for 100 houses behind the Langham Rd estate, we are expecting that Persimmon will appeal to the Government planning inspector. Should they do this we will be demanding a public inquiry and that to be held in Standish so residents can go, listen, talk and see the dealings and evidence of the hearing. Once we know more on that we will obviously let you know so keep watching this blog for more news on that.  

Wednesday saw the first Summer sports camp which was a great success and the children (ages between 6- 14) all enjoyed it and said they will be coming back to the next sessions and bring their friends. The next session is on 6 August as Cllr Debbie Fairhurst, who is organising this summer camp, was unable to get the school this coming week. So week off this coming week and then we are back on the 6th August. For the story and what activities click here.

I had a reasonably busy surgery with some issues over cars parking and blocking pavements and planning issues. Obviously I will be dealing with them this week and getting back to those people.

On the matter of Woodfold, original story here, I have now heard that more leaflets are being distributed in Wigan and it is obvious that the parents and supporters feel very strongly about the matter, which i guess any and all parents who had safeguarding issues would. In terms of the parent s that came to our surgery last week the Council have confirmed that there is little the Council can do with regards the recordings but if you feel strongly about it you can ask the parents not to record again or take out your own injunction against future recordings but the Council can't take action against the parents for this. The have said that they have written to YouTube to ask for the recordings to be removed. We will see if YouTube does this.

OK just after 7.30 better get ready for the start of the day and doing some jobs like cutting the grass and hopefully the weather will be nice again. I hope you all have a great Sunday and back to work tomorrow.

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