Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Finally Wigan Council and Labour have turned down a planning application for 250 houses in Standish. This was after much battling from the 3 Standish Independents, Save Standish and residents. The application that I am talking about is from Persimmon homes for another 250 houses on the Golf Course. Obviously they have already got 250 houses on that site and they wanted to increase it to 500.

Labour Cllr John Hilton said that the Fairhurst family are always against these houses developments,  of course we are - we have always said that and we are always consistent, unlike him as he has said that he has worked with this developer in the past. If there is not a conflict of interest here I don't know what is and I have reported that to the Council to investigate it but they fail to investigate the fact that a Labour Cllr on the planning committee said he has worked with a developer and then for the phrase one he proposed to pass that application.

The reason why the Council have agreed with us is on the Core Strategy. Obviously I would expect the developer to appeal the application refusal let's see if the council fight that appeal!


  1. Many thanks for all the work you have (and continue to) collectively put in on tackling the issue of over-development of the area.

  2. Thanks Martin.
    It effects us all and I agree we can still do things together as a community.

  3. Any chance you could update the spreadsheet of planning applications and statuses? I would be interested to see where the count is now compared with the Core Strategy.

  4. That's a good idea. I will try and update it in the next day or two and post on here.


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