Saturday, 5 July 2014

********Help Needed to find Little Jack Russell****

I have just been asked to put on here that this afternoon, Saturday 5 July, a little Jack Russell went missing on Shevington Moor. Last seen going up the steps to the top of the Spa. There she could have turn left to come back to Standish/ Shevington Moor, or straight across the road to Standish over the fields/ Arbour Lane or Right towards Shevington. I guess what we are saying is please look in the Standish, Shevington Moor and Shevington areas.

The Jack Russell is a female and answers to Lola and is white with Brown Patches and likes to hide, so please check under cars, inside sheds and Garages.

Any information I know the owners would love for you to get in contact. Their number are 07851213366 or 01257 42 66 78.

Hopefully together we can get a happy ending here.

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