Monday, 30 June 2014

Tweetgate helps change the law of the Land

Many will remember Tweetgate as it has become known as. Here is the story if you want to view it. Whilst the Daily Mail did a big story on it, for which I am grateful for because they highlighted it nationally, it had a more serious implication. I said at the time that the action of Cllr Peter Smith, the Labour Leader on Wigan Council, brought the actions of the Council into disrepute and he probably said it was me that did that. Two different opinions but it seems that Parliament has now come on the side of mine, which is one of being open transparent and making democracy accountable (more on on this later). These things I would have hoped we all hoped for.

I am sure that now time has passed Cllr Peter Smith, Labour Leader on Wigan Council regrets his actions. I would therefore welcome him not to barr any more actions of using digital or social media in the Council chamber. Time will tell if he does - but if he doesn't then it could be opposition, the press or members of the public calling the police as it is no being talked about such action that Cllr Peter Smith did would become a criminal offence. And for those that took time trouble to write phone or send messages the way that you did in support of my actions. Just goes to show stand up to bully's pays and democracy will come to Wigan whether Cllr Peter Smith likes it or not. If he can't maybe it is time for him to stand down as Leader of Wigan Council and let another Cllr from his party take over and move the Council on.

Back to what parliament thinks of the actions of Cllr Peter Smith click here and see the parliament document and see section 4. Given that Cllr Smith is also a Labour Lord I am sure that when he has been to the House of Lords he will have been given a ribbing about his actions. What is truly remarkable is Labour MP's will not be opposing the bill of allowing people to record, tweet or video meetings and for those that try and ban it a criminal offence, so Labour MP's agree with me tweeting too. I guess it is truly lonely for Cllr Peter Smith on this matter.


  1. I can't believe that this has been used in this way and it goes to show how out of touch the dictator is. I can't understand what his problem is with recordings or tweets?

  2. Wigan really needs a shake-up. I'm sick to death of this Labour regime (and yes, that is what it is). The Councillors and their cronies scared of meetings being Tweeted or recorded? How about the fact that you are public servants and we, as the electotate, have a right to know? A blow by blow account. Unless Wigan Labour has something to hide? It's time Smith and his nasty little group crawled back under the stones they came from.


    A former Labour voter.


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