Friday, 20 June 2014

......Breaking News......Cooperative store to close.....

It has been rumored for some time now about the large Cooperative store in the centre of Standish and it's future. I have learnt today from staff that they have been told that they are to close the store at the end of September and then Aldi will be then buying the store. There is no date when the store will open again under it's new name.

Some staff had hoped that their jobs would transfer over to Aldi but they have been told that will not happen and they are to be made redundant. Having been made redundant myself my heart goes out to the staff and hopefully the Cooperative will do all it can to try and find jobs for the staff or help them through the time.

This will be a coup for Aldi as this is deemed to be a prime site and Lidl will be a little upset at this as Aldi is a major rival and now they are entering the village and getting the better of the sites that they have.

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  1. The Co-op with it's laudable aims and objectives, just cannot compete in the current market. It made many mistakes throughout the twentieth century, and this current era just reinforces the fact that commercial enterprises with their ethos will always outperform well meaning amateurs in the bigger arena. If the Co-op had had "real" shareholders it would have gone to the wall years ago. I am a great believer in co-operation, and I feel sad that the ethos of those Rochdale Pioneers, is just not suitable for the cut and thrust of modern retailing.


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