Thursday, 5 June 2014

Save Ashfield playing fields

So where are we up too with this issue? I know it has been some time and things have been quiet but we have been waiting for a supreme court decision on another case. Why? Because the QC who is handling the Village Green inquiry for Ashfield wanted to know which way that decision went so he knew how to handle this case.

In a nut shell the village green application is to allow us register the land as a village green and that will safe guard it forever for the residents to use. The crucial thing is have we been going on to the fields and getting permission from the Council or have we been just using it without their permission. The case that the QC was looking at was how permission can be given.

We now have some time to put any more responses in. The QC has already said that we should have a public hearing to see if Ashfield should be a village green. There was a caveat that he could change his mind, which I don't think he will as we have a strong case. I would expect the village green to be a strong case and if we win this then will be historic. Should any more people want fill in a witness statement you can click here to download that. WARNING, please also download a map here and mark on the map where you live and sign the map on the back. Download the map here. Once you have completed the statement and marked the map please email me at and we will arrange to collect it or you can drop it in to the surgery on a Saturday morning in the Library between 10am and 11am. Finally you can call 01257 42 32 12 and we can arrange to pick it up. If you have filled in one before you don't need to fill another one in.

We are now moving into the final stages of the Village Green and the Save Ashfield committee will be meeting soon to make sure we have the case in the best light possible.

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