Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thought of the Day.

So after yesterdays going on at the Council with the independent Cllr Bob Brierley refusing not to stop taping the meeting and then Labour just voting everything through without any discussions one must think about things.

Some may say that this gave Labour the perfect excuse to not debate things and allow the opposition to discuss things but others may say that Labour are hiding things and if Cllr Brierley needs to record the meeting then what's the problem.

It is proven that the council know that a judge has allowed Cllr Brierley to tape record meetings and when that was grant the Council had 3 months to challenge it in the form of a Judicial review, but they didn't. So once this happened Labour change the rules of the Council and they believe that their rule overrules the judges.

So what should happen to try and resolve this otherwise we will have this going on time and time again. Labour need to stop being dictators and saying we are doing what we want and the council should go and get independent Counsel's opinion on Cllr Brierley case. Now we know that the advice will all depend on the question but if the Council and Labour says to Cllr Brierley we will go and get independent legal opinion and show the question that they are asking and make sure he is happy with that and then they should both go by the advice that comes back.

For me the stupid thing is here that the Government have a draft bill in which is going through to make it law that anyone can record the meetings, so in the end Cllr Brierley, like everyone else will be able to record meetings, so why don't they just allow it now?

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