Friday, 27 June 2014

Flood issue

This week has been a busy week and one of the meetings that I attended was the Confident Places Committee. One of the items on the agenda was flooding. The long and short of it is that the Council does very little for this as the main agency for this issue is the Environment Agency. One issue that the government is bring in, possibly next year, is when new developments are discussed at planning stages then more thought about flooding. With the vast number of houses coming to Standish I wish the Council would be more proactive in this area as the drains will not be able to cope.

Back to flooding defenses the Council are saying that it is pretty much up to people to:-

a) know if they are in a flood area and

b) stop the flooding to their houses.

Whilst it is not possible to micro manage the situation in terms of protecting every houses but when they allow mass housing estate and no or little thoughts about the issue then residents should have more protection from the Council.

If you want to know where flood risks are and if your house is in one click on this link and search.

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