Sunday, 29 June 2014

The week that ended.....29 June 2014

Back to my series of the week that ended...... this week has been a busy one. For one, all the election returns had to be filed at the Council for the last local Election in May. Any one wanting to view any candidate returns are able to do so at the Town Hall. This is where you can see who spent what on what. If you want to view them you need to make an appointment with the Council. Their number is 01942 244991 and ask for the elections office.

For meetings I have met with a number of residents on a number of matters which I am dealing with now. One of them being that the meat in our schools is Halal meat and the residents are against their children having this. I am making some enquiries into this.

Tuesday I attended the Confident Places Scrutiny meeting. This is where anything to do with buildings are discussed. Obviously the recent issue with houses in Standish is of great concern but at this meeting the proposed charge to developers was discussed and we were told that the Cabinet will be asked to hold a consultation on the charges and other matters. My concern with this element of the houses is that the Council are saying that they only have to put back 15% of any money raised in an area back into that same area. For example if the Council got £1 million for houses in Standish, they will get more than this for Standish but this is just for example purposes only, then the Council only need to put back £150 000 back into Standish and no doubt they can go and spend the other £850 000 in their heartlands, o sorry "Deprived areas". What a disgrace!!!!!

Also on Tuesday earlier was the Planning Committee who voted for 600 more houses in Standish. Full Story here. Not one member of the committee voted against the houses especially the Conservative Cllr who sits on the committee. So when at the last election the Conservatives said they were against the houses just proves they will say anything to try and get elected but when it comes to the crunch they don't back residents - disgrace !!!

Also mentioned was flooding and it is surprising that the Council do very little on this matter. Granted it is the Environment Agency that address's this matter but I would have thought the Council would want and should do more. The best they can do is tell residents that it is their responsibilities to stop the water. Well if the Council keep allowing inappropriate buildings then it should be the Council. Around the streets of the DW Stadium and Robin Retail Park streets get flooded. Of course they will the Council should have known this would happen. The area being Marsh Green land. That areas was designed to flood and that would protect the area but as soon as you pour concrete on it the water will run off to the streets. The post on this matter is here.

Also discussed at the meeting is the fact that the Council have 7 officers now employed to get business into Wigan and also retain those that are looking to leave the area. I am pleased that the Council are now looking at this matter as this is key to residents and the Council should do more,to get employment in the area. Discussed was some funding that could be made available - this is not a matter of the Council funding private business's - but helping where it can. There are areas that the Council can do but as well as funding it needs to sort out the road networks because if emplyers can't get in and out reasonably then they will go to other areas. It was strange to hear a Conservative Cllr calling business Vultures though. I always thought they wanted to support business?

I also know that Cllr George Fairhurst and Cllr Debbie Fairhurst are both organising Summer activities for children in the Summer Holiday and once I know the full details I will publish them on here.


  1. maybe the 1000 houses they plan to build would bring a few jobs to Standish. ...


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