Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wigan Council pass another 600 houses for Standish..

At today's planning committee they passed the Bloor homes application behind Pepper Lane and also Wainhomes Application behind Cat in the Window. Each planning application had 300 houses each. There is no word yet on the additional 100 that Wainhomes are also trying on.

The voting was All the Labour Councillors and the Wigan Independent Network Cllr Bradbury, who was an Ex Labour Cllr all voted for them and the Conservative Cllr also did not vote against the application. So when the Tories in the last election were saying they were against the houses and they would vote against them - I guess they lied! No surprise there then.

Apparently there was some debate from the Committee Cllrs but residents thought the answers were weak and the cllrs could have challenged more especially when they were told we haven't thought about how we will resolve the school places shortage etc.

Labour say it is all the Tory Government fault although I guess they haven't realised that the government is a coalition and it is true that the Government planning Inspector could have done more rather than just sitting back but Wigan Council have failed Standish residents yet again.

What is important is these applications were just for outline and they will both have to come back to the planning committee as a detailed plan at a later date. Hopefully the Cllrs on the committee will be scrutinising these more and voting against them.

There were over 400 0bjections and I would like to thank everyone for their support.


  1. This is not strictly a Standish issue, I know, but you should see what Wigan Council are doing to Longshaw (or Billinge Higher End if you prefer.) Every miniscule piece of land they can flog or get a backhander for is being built on. I understand that there is a need for new homes, but where's the infrastructure? A village this small just cannot cope with so many new homes being built without the infrastructure to go with it. I believe the developers that have got their hands on the old brick works at the top of Smethurst Rd have agreed to 'upgrade' the bus shelter at the bottom of the road. 'Upgrade the bus shelter'??!! HOW is that going to help?

    Then we have Kelly Ready who promised to 'tidy up the countryside', which as far as I can tell so far is to have herbicide sprayed liberally over everything (including gardens because of drift.) The countryside is the countryside, yes it stinks sometimes and yes there are 'weeds', but it IS the countryside and not a tidy theme park as she must imagine it should be. Just another addition to the Labour cabal in Wigan and probably a Common Purpose 'graduate'. I despair sometimes, I really do. Wigan Labour are a disgrace and so is the council which it presides over. Shockingly inept, devious and corrupt.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and even though you're not my Councillor, I always follow your blog with interest.

    All the best,


  2. Thanks for the kind words Rusty.

    I do appreciate that this is not just a Standish issue and to be fair there are a lot more areas in Wigan effected by this issue and I know that the blog is visited by many all over Wigan.

    On your issues if you do have any problems please get in touch and I am not sure how an upgraded Bus Shelter can help.


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