Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Labour just don't want to opposition.

At today's Full Council meeting Labour came to new heights in trying to stop the opposition. At the last Full Council meeting they called the Police to ask me to leave because they didn't want me to expose and speak about the behavior of the Mayor where he had been found guilty of passing confidential email on to his son, who was bidding on a community asset. Also I had a motion in about the houses and the Council didn't want that debate before the election.

However today an independent Cllr was recording the meeting. He was up front about it and wasn't trying to record in secret. But when he refused to stop taping the Labour Leader put a motion forward to accept all the reports without debate and then close the meeting. Obviously Labour has the most Cllrs so they voted for it and that was it. No debate, no discussion.

Labour have to recognise that there are opposition Cllrs elected by residents and they have to respect that and not simply just block all attempts to talk about Council business. For me I am not bothered about someone recording me because I would stand by what I say, it seems that Labour don't want to be recorded so the Question would be - What have they got to hide?

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