Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Defeater to Labour

In today's Wigan Evening Post Cllr Frank Carmichael  has defected from being an independent Councillor to a Labour Councillor. In the article it says that Cllr Carmichael blames me. After speaking with Cllr Carmichael earlier he says that he did not name me. He did however say at the April meeting he didn't agree with the tweeting but that's his opinion and it was more to do with the other Cllr for Hindley Green, Cllr Bib Brierley actions. What puzzles me no matter who he wants to blame why if it happened in April did he wait till June, after the elections? One may say that he realises his seat is up next year and he wants to try and be the Labour candidate. I think this is a bit short sighted as I hear that have chosen a woman already called Maxine.

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