Sunday, 20 July 2014

Wigan Council strikes again!!!

You can't make it up but this morning a couple of residents emailed me about the Council putting a turn right sign at Standish traffic lights when it is a no right turn. And it's not like they can't say we forgot or we didn't realise because they put the Turn right diversion sign under the NO right turn. No wonder drivers are getting confused but on a serious note if someone does turn right, which I have witnessed one doing, then the green light is on for people crossing Market Street so whilst it might be funny this stupidity of Wigan Council it is actually dangerous.

Have a look at the pics

They have done the same thing from Coppull to Standish with a turn left under the no left turn. You simply couldn't make this up.

I have been on to the Council on the matter and hopefully they will resolve it before it gets busy.


  1. Just had some one leave a message on the blog post asking if it wasn't the drunks of last night that did it. I have not posted due to the language but thought I would put on he what they said.

    1. My parents (who live in Wigan MBC) refuse to go to / shop in / do anything in Wigan because of the traffic management mess that Wigan Council seem incapable of getting right. They go to St. Helen's, even though it's further away. Yet again Wigan Council fails, money that could be going into the Wigan economy is going to another LA. The stupidity of Wigan traffic planners knows no bounds. Actually, the stupidity and ineptitude of most of Wigan Council's departments knows no bounds. I despair.

      Keep up the good work! We could use an independent Councillor 'round here. Our Labour Councillors are worse than useless.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for the kind words. I agree that money is going to other areas as I know many in Standish go to Chorley to shop as it is quicker to get in and better as the shopping centre hasn't been destroyed and full of pawn shops and beggers on the streets.


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