Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ed Miliband PR stunt

In today's media it is being reported that the Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband has said he wants to shake Prime Minister's questions up and get the public to ask the questions.

First thought is why would a leader of a national party would want to give up air time? One thought that he realises that he is not effective when he does it so by trying to get others to do it then it gets him of the hook. The second thought could be he wants to give the public a chance to grill the PM but what would that achieve? Would the member of the public asking the questions be satisfied that they have been able to hold the PM to account? If the leader of the opposition wants this then what would be the point of having him because if he got his way the public would be holding the PM to account.

Thirdly doesn't the public already hold their politicians to account, or at least have the chance at the ballot box?

Finally it has been reported that the Labour Leader of Wigan Council, who is also a Lord in the House of Lords doesn't not believe in being open and transparent because when an opposition Cllr (me) sent a tweet whilst in a Council meeting he called the police to get me out of the meeting. When parliament heard about this and now are going to make this against the law and then at another meeting because a Cllr was recording the meeting the Labour Leader voted through the whole meeting without discussion.

So if Ed Miliband is genuine about this then he surely has to get his own house in order first and tell his MP's, Lords and team to follow his suggestion. If he doesn't, which I don't believe he will then all this is just a Labour PR stunt in my opinion.

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