Tuesday, 20 August 2013

10K Run for M.E.

Many of people in the Wigan area know about the 10k run that is being organised in Join Jack campaign name. Many might even be doing the run.

Last May, nearing a milestone of a certain age, I thought about doing the run just to prove to myself that getting close to that number doesn't mean too much. However, the thing with myself I suffer from a back problem and I didn't want to admit that I couldn't run that distance. So I decided to join the run.

I was approached by Sue Capstick, who runs the Bridgeman Centre, to see if I will do it to help raise money for M.E. Research that is taking place at Wrightington. After listening to her at what they are trying to achieve I agreed that I would do it for their cause.

Since that day I have done very little and to be honest was thinking of pulling out due to my back problem. However a few days a go (24 before the race) I decided I would go for it. So I am now in training. I know what you are saying, "he'll never do it!" - and with my delicate frame that is not made for running you could well be right. However, I tried to do 3 miles the other day and nearly killed myself and did this in 36 mins.

Will you sponsor?

So with that I am asking if you would like to sponsor me? I am looking to try and raise £100 and if I don't I guess it could be a good excuse to pull out as my friends don't want to put me through the pain :-).

To sponsor me just email me at garethfairhurst@gmail.com

Let's see if I can pull it off and the pain that I am going to have to go through as I have left it late.

Thank you for your support.


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